What is the purpose of the Phonemes App?

How the Phonemes App helps teachers to lead engaging lesson on phonemes, graphemes and syllables.

The phonemes app has been created to align with the Australian National Curriculum and allows teacher to demonstrate the following at the front of the classroom:

  1. The most common phonemes and their single letter graphemes (b,a,m)
  2. How a phonemes can be represented by more than one letter or letter combination (c, ck)
  3. Short and long vowel sounds for letters a, e, i, o, u
  4. Single syllable words with common double letters (ss,ll,zz)
  5. Constant digraphs (sh,ch,and ck) and constant blends
  6. One and two syllable words with common suffixes (-ing,-ed)
  7. Vowels digraphs (ee,oo,ay,ai,ea,oa,ow)
  8. Less common graphemes that contain alternative spelling for phonemes (ch/tch/j/g)
  9. Single syllable words
  10. Multisyllabic words and prefixes and suffixes (in-,ex-,dis-,-ful,-able,-ly)

The phonemes app also gives students the opportunity to come up to the interactive screen to construct words. This makes the lesson more participative and engaging.

The phonemes app also includes features like letting the teacher save a collection of cards that can be reused over the week for classroom demonstration and instruction.