Troubleshooting your Meeting Room Display


Possible causes 


The power indicator does not come on 

The CommBox Meeting Room Display is not powered on 

Check if the power cord is connected, the power point is turned on and the power switch of the CommBox Meeting Room Display is on 

The power indicator is on, but no image is displayed 

  1. The video cable is detached or not connected properly 
  2. No video signal input 
  1. Connect or replace the video cable and ensure it is properly connected 
  2. Check the input source and check if it is connected properly at the output end 

Image jerking or ripple 

An electric device nearby is interfering with the video signal 

Turn off the electric device or relocate your CommBox Meeting Room Display 

Dim or extremely bright screen 

Low or high brightness/contrast 

Check the brightness/contrast settings or restore the factory settings 

Colour difference 

  1. Incorrect chromatic saturation 
  2. Incorrect RGB values or colour temperature 
  1. Check the chromatic saturation 
  2. Adjust the RGB values or reset the colour temperature 
  3. Restore the factory settings 

Image distortion 

Incorrect aspect ratio 

Reset the aspect ratio 

No sound 

  1. The audio cable is detached or not connected properly 
  2. The CommBox Meeting Room Display is muted 
  1. Ensure the audio cable is properly connected at both ends 
  2. Reset the volume