Can I use a Vimeo Live in CommBox Signage

Yes, you can use the CommBox Signage designer to add an embedded Vimeo live stream.

  • Find the Vimeo live you want to use.
  • Click on the Share button 
  • Copy the Embed code
  • Make sure to click "Show Options" and select "Autoplay this Video" and "Loop this Video"
  • Navigate to the CommBox Signage platform and create a new design
  •  Add a dynamic widget 
  • Select "html"
  • Click into the "HTML" field.
  • Copy the embed code from Vimeo to the HTML field.
  • You can edit the Width and Height in the HTML embed code to change the window size:
  • Hit Save > Give your Design a name and storage location

  • You can now add this design to a playlist and publish to your CommBox Signage display or media player.