If you are running CommBox signage on the Classic or Display range you need to check the current application version. 

You can do this by signing into the CommBox Signage Portal in your browser and navigating to your 'Deploy' tab. Under the 'App Version' column next to each device you will see the App Version. 

If your screens are running an V1.X.X version of the application you may have issues showing templates correctly. This is due to limited website support. We developed our own browser into the application from V.2.X.X that will better handle the display of websites, images and playback video. 

If you are recieving warning about running V1 applications in your CommBox Signage Portal you will need to update your application. If you are experiencing issues with templates and design playback then you will also need to update your application. 

Go to this link to Upgrade Your Application