When you buy a CommBox panel, [7 year licence] it comes with 2555 credits which work out to be 1 credit for every day in 7 years: 1 credit = 1 device for 1 day, so they can be divided up among any number of devices - this will shorten the time period that the credit lasts for.


For example, if you have 1 license but have 2 devices enrolled/registered to your account they will have 3.5 years of Licenced CommBox Manage active until they will need to be renewed. One License can support as many devices as you like. If you have 4 devices enrolled, but only 1 licence you will be sharing 2555 credits 4 ways which equals to 638 per device which equals to 1.75 years per device. After this time the licence [tokens] will expire and the devices will no longer be controlled with CommBox Manage.