The following setup is for using a CommBox in extended desktop mode.
(Windows + P) set to extended.
Note that you will likely need Admin privilege's to make the setting changes needed for this setup.
1. Ensure that you have the CommBox touchscreen connected to the laptop/computer via a Touch USB cable.
2. Open the Windows start menu and search for “calibrate the screen for pen or touch input” and once you see this appear open the menu

3. In this menu hit “Setup” 

4. Your display will now show a white screen with some text in the middle.

5. When this screen with text appears on the CommBox Interactive screen, press with your finger on that screen,
6. The text will then change to another screen.
7. Repeat this until all screens are configured or press “Enter” to skip a non-interactive screen
8. You should now have the CommBox screen configured for touch.