• Connect the USB cable from the camera into a computer or anything that will let you see the camera's view.
  • Open a VC program or even the "Camera" app in windows and cycle through the cameras till you are on the CommBox camera.
  • Using the remote, press [MENU] to bring up the context menu on the left hand side.
(Press the right arrow to select the menu item)
  • Navigate to (System Setup) > (Address) > (Auto-1-5)
Here you can select which channel to use for each camera.
For example select "2" for the address, then use the "Menu" button to exit out of the menu's
Restart the camera by removing the power from the camera to apply the changes.
  • Once the camera has restarted, press the "2" button under (camera select) this button will light up red on the remote.
  • Now you can operate that camera that was set to Address = 2
  • Do this same process for each camera you have (Up to 4 cameras)
  • After each camera is configured, select the Camera (1-4) on the remote to control each Camera