1. Check Internet Connection

All signage panels require an active internet connection therefore the first thing to check is if your screen or device is offline. 

An easy way to determine this is to check whether other devices on the same network are offline as well.

Check a different computer or another device on-site to make sure the internet connection is active. 

If using WiFi make sure that your settings haven't changed.

Check the network cables at the back of your router  

Check the network cable is securely plugged into the back of your screen/device

2. Make sure the screen/device is turned on

The screen/device may be scheduled to turn on and off at scheduled times, make sure the screen is on.

If you are using an external media player/device, check that the device is powered on and that the cables are correctly attached, 

Make sure the correct source is selected on your screen

3. Make sure the time & date on your panel is correct (this is required in order to pass our security certificates)

Ensure your screen has the correct time zone, time and date set

4. Make sure the CommBox Signage application is running on your screen/device

The panel/device could be powered on and connected to the internet but the CommBox Signage application may not be running. 

Try rebooting the screen/device to see if CommBox Signage automatically starts

Try opening and running the application again