Exit the app, close the app by using the side menu select the fourth icon down which will show all the apps which are currently running. Find the problematic app and swipe to the right or press the small X in the corner to completely shut the app down. 

If It still doesn't work, restart the panel by switching it off and on again from the main power switch which is located on the back of the panel. 

If are still experiencing issues, go to the settings icon on the CommBox home screen and then open system settings. From here swipe across to the 'Apps' tab where you will be able to select the problematic app.  

Once you select the app you wish to do a complete shut down on you can select 'clear data'. After you have cleared the data of the app do a hard restart by switching off and back on the switch located on the back of your panel. 

Another open is to go to the CommBox Store and check for an update by selecting the right-hand corner cogwheel

If you are still experiencing issues go-to apps, hold down on the app and click the red x to uninstall it from your panel. Then do a hard restart by switching it off and on from the switch on the back. Once the panel powers back on reinstall the app from the store.

If you are still having issues please log a ticket with our support team.