Opening the Stopwatch App

Open the Stopwatch app by tapping the Stopwatch launcher icon:

Start the stopwatch

The Stopwatch app will open with the Start User Interface:

  • Move the Stopwatch by tapping any of its edges and dragging it to the desired position on the screen.

  • Select Start and the stopwatch will begin recording the time

  • Select pause to Stop the Stopwatch and display the time duration.
  • Close the stopwatch by tapping the red X icon in the top right corner

Add a lap

When the Stopwatch has started, select lap from the Stopwatch Running interface: 

  • Select Lap and a Lap 1 row will appear underneath - this will record the time from the start of the timer to the time the Lap button was selected.

  • To record more laps simply keep selecting the Lap button.

  • Close the timer by tapping the red X icon in the top right corner 

Resume the Timer 

  • You can resume the Stopwatch again after Pausing it by selecting the Resume button


  • Stopwatch will float as an overlay above all the other apps and inputs.

  • Stopwatch will float only if it has the permission to overlay other apps.