Here is a quick FAQ to help you to get touch working when you are using eShare on a Mac. 

eShare is the screensharing application that is loaded onto the CommBox Classic and Display v4 screens. If you screenshare via eShare you can control your laptop from the screen. This means that the touch on the screen can be used to open and close apps, write and essentially do everything you can with your laptop. 

In order to screenshare your Macbook you need to install eShare onto your Macbook. 

Click here to download the app.

When you install the eShare app you need to give permission for the app to control your screen. If you don't give permission you will be able to project your screen onto the Classic screen but you won't be able to control the laptop from the screen with touch. 

You can enable it after eShare has been installed by going to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility > tick checkbox next to Eshare

If the checkbox is greyed out, please click on the lock in the lower right corner of the System Preferences window - the system will then ask for your password and once you enter it, the checkbox should become active and allow ticking

Once the permission is enabled you will be able to control the laptop from the Classic Interactive screen.